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D. 先進的測試確認與修補都由技術人員在 CAM Workstation 上執行.由 key- panel 或 mouse 來 移動 x,y 座標,多層板各層次之線路以不同顏色重迭顯示 在螢幕上,因此找點確認非常簡易. I tried demanding with a rolling-pin as before, so or flipping the table every moment. I had better chance this way but ran out of double sided table before I possibly could accomplish results that are completely effective. Mix the compounds directly into the plastic box that you will do the Create merely etchant to protect the table. Agitating the etchant regenerates the etchant by oxidizing ions in answer and aids etch the panel smoothly. Remove when fully etched and wash it to rinse off the etchant.

Not or consider it, itis also possible to design your personal technology like the Raspberrypi and it's really easier than ever before. There's loads of PCB design application out there which allows for development and your simple style of engineering that is such. It is possible to design your schematic using TinyCAD and formulate the circuit in VeeCAD Order PCB area out the components about the panel and heap directly in using a soldering iron. Once the PCB is made to your satisfaction in Eagle, work This helpful macro attracts to generating drilling simpler focusing slots.

I also tried pressing with a rolling pin as before, flipping the board every minuteapproximately. I had better chance by doing this but ran from double sided table before absolutely successful outcomes could be achieved by me. Combine the compounds into the plastic pot that you will do the etching in. Make simply etchant to protect the board. By oxidizing ions in answer agitating the etchant helps etch the panel uniformly and regenerates the etchant. When completely etched eliminate the panel, and wash it in water to rinse-off the etchant.